acaryam jnana-sampannam
tosayed rtvijas caiva
tad viddhy aradhanam hareh
acaryam—the spiritual master; jnana-sampannam—very advanced in spiritual knowledge; vastra-abharana-dhenubhih—with clothing, ornaments and many cows; tosayet—should satisfy; rtvijah—the priests recommended by the spiritual master; ca eva—as well as; tat viddhi—try to understand that; aradhanam—worship; hareh—of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
One should satisfy the spiritual master [acarya], who is very learned in Vedic literature, and should satisfy his assistant priests [known as hota, udgata, adhvaryu and brahma]. One should please them by offering them clothing, ornaments and cows. This is the ceremony called visnu-aradhana, or worship of Lord Visnu.

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