evam sumantritarthas te
hitva tri-vistapam jagmur
girvanah kama-rupinah
evam—thus; su-mantrita—being well advised; arthah—about duties; te—they (the demigods); guruna—by their spiritual master; artha-anudarsina—whose instructions were quite befitting; hitva—giving up; tri-vistapam—the heavenly kingdom; jagmuh—went; girvanah—the demigods; kama-rupinah—who could assume any form they liked.
Sukadeva Gosvami continued: The demigods, being thus advised by Brhaspati for their benefit, immediately accepted his words. Assuming forms according to their desire, they left the heavenly kingdom and scattered, without being observed by the demons.
The word kama-rupinah indicates that the demigods, the inhabitants of the heavenly planets, can assume any form they desire. Thus it was not at all difficult for them to remain incognito before the eyes of the demons.

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