tam deva-dhanim sa varuthini-patir
bahih samantad rurudhe prtanyaya
acarya-dattam jalajam maha-svanam
dadhmau prayunjan bhayam indra-yositam
tam—that; deva-dhanim—place where Indra lived; sah—he (Bali Maharaja); varuthini-patih—the commander of the soldiers; bahih—outside; samantat—in all directions; rurudhe—attacked; prtanyaya—by soldiers; acarya-dattam—given by Sukracarya; jala-jam—the conchshell; maha-svanam—a loud sound; dadhmau—resounded; prayunjan—creating; bhayam—fear; indra-yositam—of all the ladies protected by Indra.
Bali Maharaja, who was the commander of numberless soldiers, gathered his soldiers outside this abode of Indra and attacked it from all directions. He sounded the conchshell given him by his spiritual master, Sukracarya, thus creating a fearful situation for the women protected by Indra.

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