This chapter describes how Bali, after performing the Visvajit-yajna, received the benediction of a chariot and various kinds of paraphernalia for war, with which he attacked the King of heaven. All the demigods, being afraid of him, left the heavenly planets and went away, following the instructions of their guru.
Maharaja Pariksit wanted to understand how Lord Vamanadeva, on the plea of taking three paces of land from Bali Maharaja, took everything away from him and arrested him. Sukadeva Gosvami responded to this inquiry with the following explanation. In the fight between the demons and the demigods, as described in the Eleventh Chapter of this canto, Bali was defeated, and he died in the fight, but by the grace of Sukracarya he regained his life. Thus he engaged himself in the service of Sukracarya, his spiritual master. The descendants of Bhrgu, being pleased with him, engaged him in the Visvajit-yajna. When this yajna was performed, from the fire of yajna came a chariot, horses, a flag, a bow, armor and two quivers of arrows. Maharaja Prahlada, Bali Maharaja’s grandfather, gave Bali an eternal garland of flowers, and Sukracarya gave him a conchshell. Bali Maharaja, after offering obeisances to Prahlada, the brahmanas and his spiritual master, Sukracarya, equipped himself to fight with Indra and went to Indrapuri with his soldiers. Blowing his conchshell, he attacked the outskirts of Indra’s kingdom. When Indra saw Bali Maharaja’s prowess, he went to his own spiritual master, Brhaspati, told him about Bali’s strength, and inquired about his duty. Brhaspati informed the demigods that because Bali had been endowed with extraordinary power by the brahmanas, the demigods could not fight with him. Their only hope was to gain the favor of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Indeed, there was no alternative. Under the circumstances, Brhaspati advised the demigods to leave the heavenly planets and keep themselves somewhere invisible. The demigods followed his orders, and Bali Maharaja, along with his associates, gained the entire kingdom of Indra. The descendants of Bhrgu Muni, being very affectionate to their disciple Bali Maharaja, engaged him in performing one hundred asvamedha-yajnas. In this way, Bali enjoyed the opulences of the heavenly planets.

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