yajnadayo yah kathitah
paurusyas tanavo nrpa
manv-adayo jagad-yatram
nayanty abhih pracoditah
yajna-adayahthe Lords incarnation known as Yajna and others; yahwho; kathitahalready spoken of; paurusyahof the Supreme Person; tanavahincarnations; nrpaO King; manu-adayahthe Manus and others; jagat-yatramuniversal affairs; nayanticonduct; abhihby the incarnations; pracoditahbeing inspired.
O King, I have already described to you various incarnations of the Lord, such as Yajna. The Manus and others are chosen by these incarnations, under whose direction they conduct the universal affairs.
The Manus execute the orders of the Supreme Personality of Godhead in His various incarnations.

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