sri-mahadeva uvaca
deva-deva jagad-vyapin
jagad-isa jagan-maya
sarvesam api bhavanam
tvam atma hetur isvarah
sri-mahadevah uvaca—Lord Siva (Mahadeva) said; deva-deva—O best demigod among the demigods; jagat-vyapin—O all-pervading Lord; jagat-isa—O master of the universe; jagat-maya—O my Lord, who are transformed by Your energy into this creation; sarvesam api—all kinds of; bhavanam—situations; tvam—You; atma—the moving force; hetuh—because of this; isvarah—the Supreme Lord, Paramesvara.
Lord Mahadeva said: O chief demigod among the demigods, O all-pervading Lord, master of the universe, by Your energy You are transformed into the creation. You are the root and efficient cause of everything. You are not material. Indeed, You are the Supersoul or supreme living force of everything. Therefore, You are Paramesvara, the supreme controller of all controllers.
The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Visnu, resides within the material world as the sattva-guna-avatara. Lord Siva is the tamo-guna-avatara, and Lord Brahma is the rajo-guna-avatara, but although Lord Visnu is among them, He is not in the same category. Lord Visnu is deva-deva, the chief of all the demigods. Since Lord Siva is in this material world, the energy of the Supreme Lord, Visnu, includes Lord Siva. Lord Visnu is therefore called jagad-vyapi, “the all-pervading Lord.” Lord Siva is sometimes called Mahesvara, and so people think that Lord Siva is everything. But here Lord Siva addresses Lord Visnu as Jagad-isa, “the master of the universe.” Lord Siva is sometimes called Visvesvara, but here he addresses Lord Visnu as Jagan-maya, indicating that even Visvesvara is under Lord Visnu’s control. Lord Visnu is the master of the spiritual world, yet He controls the material world also, as stated in Bhagavad-gita (mayadhyaksena prakrtih suyate sacaracaram [Bg. 9.10]). Lord Brahma and Lord Siva are also sometimes called isvara, but the supreme isvara is Lord Visnu, Lord Krsna. As stated in Brahma-samhita, isvarah paramah krsnah: [Bs. 5.1] the Supreme Lord is Krsna, Lord Visnu. Everything in existence works in proper order because of Lord Visnu. Andantara-stha-paramanu-cayantara-stham. Even paramanu, the small atoms, work because of Lord Visnu’s presence within them.

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