tatranyonyam sapatnas te
samrabdha-manaso rane
samasadyasibhir banair
nijaghnur vividhayudhaih
tatrathereupon; anyonyamone another; sapatnahall of them becoming fighters; tethey; samrabdhavery angry; manasahwithin their minds; ranein that battle; samasadyagetting the opportunity to fight between themselves; asibhihwith swords; banaihwith arrows; nijaghnuhbegan to beat one another; vividha-ayudhaihwith varieties of weapons.
Both parties in that fight were extremely angry at heart, and in enmity they beat one another with swords, arrows and varieties of other weapons.
There are always two kinds of men in this universe, not only on this planet but also in higher planetary systems. All the kings dominating planets like the sun and moon also have enemies like Rahu. It is because of occasional attacks upon the sun and moon by Rahu that eclipses take place. The fighting between the demons and demigods is perpetual; it cannot be stopped unless intelligent persons from both sides take to Krsna consciousness.

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