balir mahendram dasabhis
tribhir airavatam saraih
caturbhis caturo vahan
ekenaroham arcchayat
balihMaharaja Bali; maha-indram—the King of heaven; dasabhih—with ten; tribhih—with three; airavatam—Airavata, carrying Indra; saraih—by arrows; caturbhih—by four arrows; caturah—the four; vahan—mounted soldiers; ekena—by one; aroham—the driver of the elephants; arcchayat—attacked.
Maharaja Bali then attacked Indra with ten arrows and attacked Airavata, Indra’s carrier elephant, with three arrows. With four arrows he attacked the four horsemen guarding Airavata’s legs, and with one arrow he attacked the driver of the elephant.
The word vahan refers to the soldiers on horseback who protected the legs of the carrier elephants. According to the system of military arrangement, the legs of the elephant bearing the commander were also protected.

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