te ’nyonyam abhisamsrtya
ksipanto marmabhir mithah
ahvayanto visanto ’gre
yuyudhur dvandva-yodhinah
te—all of them (the demigods and the demons); anyonyam—one another; abhisamsrtya—having come forward face to face; ksipantah—chastising one another; marmabhih mithah—with much pain to the cores of the hearts of one another; ahvayantah—addressing one another; visantah—having entered the battlefield; agre—in front; yuyudhuh—fought; dvandva-yodhinah—two combatants chose each other.
The demigods and demons came before each other and reproached one another with words piercing to the heart. Then they drew near and began fighting face to face in pairs.

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