tad yaccha manyum asuras ca hatas tvayadya
modeta sadhur api vrscika-sarpa-hatya
lokas ca nirvrtim itah pratiyanti sarve
rupam nrsimha vibhayaya janah smaranti
tat—therefore; yaccha—kindly give up; manyum—Your anger; asurah—my father, Hiranyakasipu, the great demon; ca—also; hatah—killed; tvaya—by You; adya—today; modeta—take pleasure; sadhuh api—even a saintly person; vrscika-sarpa-hatya—by killing a snake or a scorpion; lokah—all the planets; ca—indeed; nirvrtim—pleasure; itah—have achieved; pratiyanti—are waiting (for pacification of Your anger); sarve—all of them; rupam—this form; nrsimha—O Lord Nrsimhadeva; vibhayaya—for mitigating their fear; janah—all the people of the universe; smaranti—will remember.
My Lord Nrsimhadeva, please, therefore, cease Your anger now that my father, the great demon Hiranyakasipu, has been killed. Since even saintly persons take pleasure in the killing of a scorpion or a snake, all the worlds have achieved great satisfaction because of the death of this demon. Now they are confident of their happiness, and they will always remember Your auspicious incarnation in order to be free from fear.
The most important point in this verse is that although saintly persons never desire the killing of any living entity, they take pleasure in the killing of envious living entities like snakes and scorpions. Hiranyakasipu was killed because he was worse than a snake or a scorpion, and therefore everyone was happy. Now there was no need for the Lord to be angry. The devotees can always remember the form of Nrsimhadeva when they are in danger, and therefore the appearance of Nrsimhadeva was not at all inauspicious. The Lord’s appearance is always worshipable and auspicious for all sane persons and devotees.

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