athacarya-sutas tesam
buddhim ekanta-samsthitam
alaksya bhitas tvarito
rajna avedayad yatha
athathereupon; acarya-sutahthe son of Sukracarya; tesamof them (the sons of the demons); buddhimthe intelligence; ekanta-samsthitamfixed in one subject matter, devotional service; alaksyarealizing or seeing practically; bhitahbeing afraid; tvaritahas soon as possible; rajneunto the King (Hiranyakasipu); avedayatsubmitted; yathafittingly.
When Sanda and Amarka, the sons of Sukracarya, observed that all the students, the sons of the demons, were becoming advanced in Krsna consciousness because of the association of Prahlada Maharaja, they were afraid. They approached the King of the demons and described the situation as it was.
The words buddhim ekanta-samsthitam indicate that as an effect of Prahlada Maharajas preaching, the students who listened to him became fixed in the conclusion that Krsna consciousness is the only object of human life. The fact is that anyone who associates with a pure devotee and follows his instructions becomes fixed in Krsna consciousness and is not disturbed by materialistic consciousness. The teachers particularly observed this in their students, and therefore they were afraid because the whole community of students was gradually becoming Krsna conscious.

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