tesam atibalodyogam
vadhyamanah surair bhita
dudruvuh sarvato disam
grhan pasu-paricchadan
naveksyamanas tvaritah
sarve prana-paripsavah
tesam—of the demigods, headed by King Indra; atibala-udyogam—the great exertion and strength; nisamya—hearing of; asura-yuthapah—the great leaders of the demons; vadhyamanah—being killed one after another; suraih—by the demigods; bhitah—afraid; dudruvuh—ran away; sarvatah—in all; disam—directions; kalatra—wives; putra-vitta—children and wealth; aptan—relatives; grhan—homes; pasu-paricchadan—animals and paraphernalia of household life; na—not; aveksyamanah—seeing to; tvaritah—very hasty; sarve—all of them; prana-paripsavah—very much desiring to live.
When the great leaders of the demons, who were being killed one after another, saw the unprecedented exertion of the demigods in fighting, they began to flee, scattering themselves in all directions. Simply to protect their lives, they hastily fled from their homes, wives, children, animals and household paraphernalia. Paying no heed to all these, the demons simply fled.

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