grham anitam ahuya
prahradam daitya-yajakah
prasasya slaksnaya vaca
samaprcchanta samabhih
grhamto the place of the teachers (Sanda and Amarka); anitambrought; ahuyacalling; prahradamPrahlada; daitya-yajakahthe priests of the demon Hiranyakasipu; prasasyaby pacifying; slaksnayawith a very mild; vacavoice; samaprcchantathey questioned; samabhihby very agreeable words.
When Hiranyakasipus servants brought the boy Prahlada back to the guru-kula [the place where the brahmanas taught the boys], the priests of the demons, Sanda and Amarka, pacified him. With very mild voices and affectionate words, they inquired from him as follows.
Sanda and Amarka, the priests of the demons, were eager to know from Prahlada Maharaja who the Vaisnavas were that came to instruct him in Krsna consciousness. Their purpose was to discover the names of these Vaisnavas. In the beginning they did not threaten the boy because when threatened he might not identify the real culprits. Therefore they very mildly and peacefully inquired as follows.

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