brahma-bandho kim etat te
vipaksam srayatasata
asaram grahito balo
mam anadrtya durmate
brahma-bandho—O unqualified son of a brahmana; kim etat—what is this; te—by you; vipaksam—the party of my enemies; srayata—taking shelter of; asata—most mischievous; asaram—nonsense; grahitah—taught; balah—the boy; mam—me; anadrtya—not caring for; durmate—O foolish teacher.
O unqualified, most heinous son of a brahmana, you have disobeyed my order and taken shelter of the party of my enemies. You have taught this poor boy about devotional service! What is this nonsense?
In this verse the word asaram, meaning, “having no substance,” is significant. For a demon there is no substance in the process of devotional service, but to a devotee devotional service is the only essential factor in life. Since Hiranyakasipu did not like devotional service, the essence of life, he chastised Prahlada Maharaja’s teachers with harsh words.

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