sa esa atma sva-parety abuddhibhir
duratyayanukramano nirupyate
muhyanti yad-vartmani veda-vadino
brahmadayo hy esa bhinatti me matim
sah—He; esah—this; atma—Supersoul situated in everyone’s heart; sva-para—this is my own business, and that is someone else’s; iti—thus; abuddhibhih—by those who have such bad intelligence; duratyaya—very difficult to follow; anukramanah—whose devotional service; nirupyate—is ascertained (by scriptures or the instructions of the spiritual master); muhyanti—are bewildered; yat—of whom; vartmani—on the path; veda-vadinah—the followers of Vedic instructions; brahma-adayah—the demigods, beginning from Lord Brahma; hi—indeed; esah—this one; bhinatti—changes; me—my; matim—intelligence.
Persons who always think in terms of “enemy” and “friend” are unable to ascertain the Supersoul within themselves. Not to speak of them, even such exalted persons as Lord Brahma, who are fully conversant with the Vedic literature, are sometimes bewildered in following the principles of devotional service. The same Supreme Personality of Godhead who has created this situation has certainly given me the intelligence to take the side of your so-called enemy.
Prahlada Maharaja admitted frankly, “My dear teachers, you wrongly think that Lord Visnu is your enemy, but because He is favorable toward me, I understand that He is the friend of everyone. You may think that I have taken the side of your enemy, but factually He has bestowed a great favor upon me.”

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