sa vijitya diśaḥ sarvā
lokāṁś ca trīn mahāsuraḥ
ṛṣīn pitṛ-patīn manūn
preta-bhūta-patīn api
sarva-sattva-patīñ jitvā
vaśam ānīya viśva-jit
jahāra loka-pālānāṁ
sthānāni saha tejasā
saḥ—he (Hiraṇyakaśipu); vijitya—conquering; diśaḥ—the directions; sarvāḥ—all; lokān—planetary systems; ca—and; trīn—three (upper, lower and middle); mahā-asuraḥ—the great demon; deva—the demigods; asura—the demons; manuṣya—of the human beings; indra—the kings; gandharva—the Gandharvas; garuḍa—the Garuḍas; uragān—the great serpents; siddha—the Siddhas; cāraṇa—the Cāraṇas; vidyādhrān—the Vidyādharas; ṛṣīn—the great sages and saintly persons; pitṛ-patīn—Yamarāja and the other leaders of the Pitās; manūn—all the different Manus; yakṣa—the Yakṣas; rakṣaḥ—the Rākṣasas; piśāca-īśān—the leaders of Piśācaloka; preta—of the Pretas; bhūta—and of the Bhūtas; patīn—the masters; api—also; sarva-sattva-patīn—the masters of all the different planets; jitvā—conquering; vaśam ānīya—bringing under control; viśva-jit—the conqueror of the whole universe; jahāra—usurped; loka-pālānām—of the demigods who manage the universal affairs; sthānāni—the places; saha—with; tejasā—all their power.
Hiraṇyakaśipu became the conqueror of the entire universe. Indeed, that great demon conquered all the planets in the three worlds—upper, middle and lower—including the planets of the human beings, the Gandharvas, the Garuḍas, the great serpents, the Siddhas, Cāraṇas and Vidyādharas, the great saints, Yamarāja, the Manus, the Yakṣas, the Rākṣasas, the Piśācas and their masters, and the masters of the ghosts and Bhūtas. He defeated the rulers of all the other planets where there are living entities and brought them under his control. Conquering the abodes of all, he seized their power and influence.
The word garuḍa in this verse indicates that there are planets of great birds like Garuḍa. Similarly, the word uraga indicates that there are planets of enormous serpents. Such a description of the various planets of the universe may challenge modern scientists who think that all planets but this earth are vacant. These scientists claim to have launched excursions to the moon, where they have found no living entities but only big craters full of dust and stone, although in fact the moon is so brilliant that it acts like the sun in illuminating the entire universe. Of course, it is not possible to convince modern scientists of the Vedic information about the universe. Nonetheless, we are not very much impressed by the words of scientists who say that all other planets are vacant and that only the earth is full of living entities.

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