asinah paryatann asnan
sayanah prapiban bruvan
nanusandhatta etani
asinah—while sitting; paryatan—while walking; asnan—while eating; sayanah—while lying down; prapiban—while drinking; bruvan—while talking; na—not; anusandhatte—knew; etani—all these activities; govinda—by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who enlivens the senses; parirambhitah—being embraced.
Prahlada Maharaja was always absorbed in thought of Krsna. Thus, being always embraced by the Lord, he did not know how his bodily necessities, such as sitting, walking, eating, lying down, drinking and talking, were being automatically performed.
A small child, while being cared for by his mother, does not know how the needs of the body for eating, sleeping, lying down, passing water and evacuating are being fulfilled. He is simply satisfied to be on the lap of his mother. Similarly, Prahlada Maharaja was exactly like a small child, being cared for by Govinda. The necessary activities of his body were performed without his knowledge. As a father and mother care for their child, Govinda cared for Prahlada Maharaja, who remained always absorbed in thoughts of Govinda. This is Krsna consciousness. Prahlada Maharaja is the vivid example of perfection in Krsna consciousness.

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