utthaya pranjalih prahva
iksamano drsa vibhum
gira gadgadayagrnat
utthaya—getting up; pranjalih—with folded hands; prahvah—in a humble manner; iksamanah—seeing; drsa—with his eyes; vibhum—the supreme person within this universe; harsa—of jubilation; asru—with tears; pulaka—with hairs standing on the body; udbhedah—enlivened; gira—by words; gadgadaya—faltering; agrnat—prayed.
Then, getting up from the ground and seeing Lord Brahma before him, the head of the Daityas was overwhelmed by jubilation. With tears in his eyes, his whole body shivering, he began praying in a humble mood, with folded hands and a faltering voice, to satisfy Lord Brahma.

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