iti vijnapito devair
bhagavan atmabhur nrpa
parito bhrgu-daksadyair
yayau daityesvarasramam
itithus; vijnapitahinformed; devaihby all the demigods; bhagavanthe most powerful; atma-bhuhLord Brahma, who was born from the lotus flower; nrpaO King; paritahbeing surrounded; bhrguby Bhrgu; daksaDaksa; adyaihand others; yayauwent; daitya-isvaraof Hiranyakasipu, the King of the Daityas; asramamto the place of austerity.
O King, being thus informed by the demigods, the most powerful Lord Brahma, accompanied by Bhrgu, Daksa and other great sages, immediately started for the place where Hiranyakasipu was performing his penances and austerities.
Lord Brahma was waiting for the austerities performed by Hiranyakasipu to mature so that he could go there and offer benedictions according to Hiranyakasipus desire. Now, taking the opportunity of being accompanied by all the demigods and great saintly persons, Brahma went there to award him the benediction he desired.

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