tasmin kute hite naste
krtta-mule vanas-patau
vitapa iva susyanti
visnu-prana divaukasah
tasminwhen He; kutethe most deceitful; ahiteenemy; nasteis finished; krtta-mulehaving its roots cut off; vanas-pataua tree; vitapahthe branches and leaves; ivalike; susyantidry up; visnu-pranahwhose life is Lord Visnu; diva-okasahthe demigods.
When the root of a tree is cut and the tree falls down, its branches and twigs automatically dry up. Similarly, when I have killed this diplomatic Visnu, the demigods, for whom Lord Visnu is the life and soul, will lose the source of their life and wither away.
The difference between the demigods and the demons is here explained. The demigods always follow the instructions of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, whereas the demons simply plan to disturb or kill Him. Nevertheless, sometimes the demons very much appreciate the full dependence of the demigods upon the mercy of the Lord. This is indirect glorification of the demigods by the demons.

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