eke karmamayan yajnan
jnanino yajna-vittamah
atma-samyamane niha
juhvati jnana-dipite
ekesome; karma-mayanresulting in a reaction (such as the killing of animals); yajnansacrifices; jnaninahpersons advanced in knowledge; yajna-vit-tamahwho know perfectly well the purpose of sacrifice; atma-samyamaneby self-control; anihahwho are without material desires; juhvatiexecute sacrifice; jnana-dipiteenlightened in perfect knowledge.
Because of an awakening of spiritual knowledge, those who are intelligent in regard to sacrifice, who are actually aware of religious principles and who are free from material desires, control the self in the fire of spiritual knowledge, or knowledge of the Absolute Truth. They may give up the process of ritualistic ceremonies.
People are generally very much interested in karma-kanda ritualistic ceremonies for elevation to the higher planetary systems, but when one awakens his spiritual knowledge, he becomes uninterested in such elevation and engages himself fully in jnana-yajna to find the objective of life. The objective of life is to stop completely the miseries of birth and death and to return home, back to Godhead. When one cultivates knowledge for this purpose, he is considered to be on a higher platform than one who is engaged in karma-yajna, or fruitive activities.

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