yatha hi yuyam nrpa-deva dustyajad
apad-ganad uttaratatmanah prabhoh
yat-pada-pankeruha-sevaya bhavan
aharasin nirjita-dig-gajah kratun
yathaas; hiindeed; yuyamall of you (Pandavas); nrpa-devaO lord of the kings, human beings and demigods; dustyajatinsurmountable; apatdangerous conditions; ganatfrom all; uttarataescaped; atmanahown; prabhohof the Lord; yat-pada-pankeruhawhose lotus feet; sevayaby serving; bhavanyourself; aharasitperformed; nirjitadefeating; dik-gajahthe most powerful enemies, who were like elephants; kratunritualistic ceremonies.
O King Yudhisthira, because of your service to the Supreme Lord, all of you Pandavas defeated the greatest dangers posed by numerous kings and demigods. By serving the lotus feet of Krsna, you conquered great enemies, who were like elephants, and thus you collected ingredients for sacrifice. By His grace, may you be delivered from material involvement.
Placing himself as an ordinary householder, Maharaja Yudhisthira inquired from Narada Muni how a grha-mudha-dhi, a person who is entangled in household life and who thus continues to remain a fool, can be delivered. Narada Muni encouraged Maharaja Yudhisthira by saying, You are already on the safe side because you, along with your entire family, have become a pure devotee of Krsna. By Krsnas grace, the Pandavas conquered in the Battle of Kuruksetra and were saved from many dangers posed not only by kings but sometimes even by the demigods. Thus they are a practical example of how to live in security and safety by the grace of Krsna. Everyone should follow the example of the Pandavas, who showed how to be saved by the grace of Krsna. Our Krsna consciousness movement is intended to teach how everyone can live peacefully in this material world and at the end of life return home, back to Godhead. In the material world there are always dangers at every step (padam padam yad vipadam na tesam). Nonetheless, if one takes shelter of Krsna without hesitation and keeps under the shelter of Krsna, he can easily cross the ocean of nescience. Samasrita ye pada-pallava-plavam mahat-padam punya-yaso murareh. To the devotee, this great ocean of nescience becomes like a puddle of water in the hoofprint of a cow. A pure devotee, without embarrassing himself by trying for elevation in so many ways, stays in the safest position as a servant of Krsna, and thus his life is eternally safe without a doubt.

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