dese kale ca samprapte
muny-annam hari-daivatam
sraddhaya vidhivat patre
nyastam kamadhug aksayam
dese—in a proper place, namely a holy place of pilgrimage; kale—at an auspicious time; ca—also; samprapte—when available; muni-annam—foodstuffs prepared with ghee and suitable to be eaten by great saintly persons; hari-daivatam—unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Hari; sraddhaya—with love and affection; vidhi-vat—according to the directions of the spiritual master and the sastras; patre—unto the suitable person; nyastam—if it is so offered; kamadhuk—becomes a source of prosperity; aksayam—everlasting.
When one gets the opportunity of a suitable auspicious time and place, one should, with love, offer food prepared with ghee to the Deity of the Supreme Personality of Godhead and then offer the prasada to a suitable person—a Vaisnava or brahmana. This will be the cause of everlasting prosperity.

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