tasmad brahmana-devesu
martyadisu yatharhatah
tais taih kamair yajasvainam
ksetra-jnam brahmanan anu
tasmat—therefore; brahmana-devesu—through the brahmanas and the demigods; martya-adisu—through ordinary human beings and other living entities; yatha-arhatah—according to your ability; taih taih—with all those; kamaih—various objects of enjoyment such as sumptuous food, flower garlands, sandalwood paste, etc.; yajasva—you should worship; enam—this; ksetra-jnam—Supreme Lord situated in the hearts of all beings; brahmanan—the brahmanas; anu—after.
Therefore, my dear King, first offer prasada unto the brahmanas and the demigods, and after sumptuously feeding them you may distribute prasada to other living entities according to your ability. In this way you will be able to worship all living entities—or, in other words, the supreme living entity within every living entity.
To distribute prasada to all living entities, the process is that we must first offer prasada to the brahmanas and the Vaisnavas, for the demigods are represented by the brahmanas. In this way the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is situated in everyone’s heart, will be worshiped. This is the Vedic system of offering prasada. Whenever there is a ceremony for distribution of prasada, the prasada is offered first to the brahmanas, then to the children and old men, then to the women, and then to animals like dogs and other domestic animals. When it is said that Narayana, the Supreme Being, is situated in everyone’s heart, this does not mean that everyone has become Narayana or that a particular poor man has become Narayana. Such a conclusion is rejected herein.

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