nasac-chastresu sajjeta
nopajiveta jivikam
vada-vadams tyajet tarkan
paksam kamca na samsrayet
nanot; asat-sastresuliterature like newspapers, novels, dramas and fiction; sajjetaone should be attached or should indulge in reading; nanor; upajivetaone should try to live; jivikamupon some professional literary career; vada-vadanunnecessary arguments on different aspects of philosophy; tyajetone should give up; tarkanarguments and counterarguments; paksamfaction; kamcaany; nanot; samsrayetshould take shelter of.
Literature that is a useless waste of timein other words, literature without spiritual benefitshould be rejected. One should not become a professional teacher as a means of earning ones livelihood, nor should one indulge in arguments and counter-arguments. Nor should one take shelter of any cause or faction.
A person desiring to advance in spiritual understanding should be extremely careful to avoid reading ordinary literature. The world is full of ordinary literature that creates unnecessary agitation in the mind. Such literature, including newspapers, dramas, novels and magazines, is factually not meant for advancement in spiritual knowledge. Indeed, it has been described as a place of enjoyment for crows (tad vayasam tirtham). Anyone advancing in spiritual knowledge must reject such literature. Furthermore, one should not concern oneself with the conclusions of various logicians or philosophers. Of course, those who preach sometimes need to argue with the contentions of opponents, but as much as possible one should avoid an argumentative attitude. In this connection, Srila Madhvacarya says:
aprayojana-paksam na samsrayet
naprayojana-paksi syan
na vrtha sisya-bandha-krt
na codasinah sastrani
na viruddhani cabhyaset
na vyakhyayopajiveta
na nisiddhan samacaret
evam-bhuto yatir yati
tad-eka-sarano harim
There is no need to take shelter of unnecessary literature or concern oneself with many so-called philosophers and thinkers who are useless for spiritual advancement. Nor should one accept a disciple for the sake of fashion or popularity. One should be callous to these so-called sastras, neither opposing nor favoring them, and one should not earn ones livelihood by taking money for explaining sastra. A sannyasi must always be neutral and seek the means to advance in spiritual life, taking full shelter under the lotus feet of the Lord.

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