kvacit snato nuliptangah
suvasah sragvy alankrtah
rathebhasvais care kvapi
dig-vasa grahavad vibho
kvacitsometimes; snatahbathing very nicely; anulipta-angahwith sandalwood pulp smeared all over the body; su-vasahdressing with very nice garments; sragvidecorated with garlands of flowers; alankrtahbedecked with various types of ornaments; rathaon a chariot; ibhaon an elephant; asvaihor on the back of a horse; careI wander; kvapisometimes; dik-vasahcompletely naked; graha-vatas if haunted by a ghost; vibhoO lord.
O my lord, sometimes I bathe myself very nicely, smear sandalwood pulp all over my body, put on a flower garland, and dress in fine garments and ornaments. Then I travel like a king on the back of an elephant or on a chariot or horse. Sometimes, however, I travel naked, like a person haunted by a ghost.

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