rajatas cauratah satroh
sva-janat pasu-paksitah
arthibhyah kalatah svasman
nityam pranarthavad bhayam
rajatahfrom the government; cauratahfrom thieves and rogues; satrohfrom enemies; sva-janatfrom relatives; pasu-paksitahfrom animals and birds; arthibhyahfrom beggars and persons seeking charity; kalatahfrom the time factor; svasmatas well as from ones self; nityamalways; prana-artha-vatfor one who has life or money; bhayamfear.
Those who are considered materially powerful and rich are always full of anxieties because of governmental laws, thieves and rogues, enemies, family members, animals, birds, persons seeking charity, the inevitable time factor and even their own selves. Thus they are invariably afraid.
The word svasmat means from ones self. Because of attachment for money, the richest person is even afraid of himself. He fears that he may have locked his money in an unsafe manner or might have committed some mistake. Aside from the government and its income tax and aside from thieves, even a rich mans own relatives are always thinking of how to take advantage of him and take away his money. Sometimes these relatives are described as sva janaka-dasyu, which means rogues and thieves in the guise of relatives. Therefore, there is no need to accumulate wealth or unnecessarily endeavor for more and more money. The real business of life is to ask Who am I? and to understand ones self. world and understand how to return home, back to Godhead.

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