stry-avalekhamisam madhu
tyajeyur ye brhad-vratah
anjana—ointment or powder for decorating the eyes; abhyanjana—massaging the head; unmarda—massaging the body; stri-avalekha—to glance over a woman or to paint a woman’s picture; amisam—meat-eating; madhu—drinking liquor or honey; srak—decorating the body with garlands of flowers; gandha-lepa—smearing the body with scented ointment; alankaran—decorating the body with ornaments; tyajeyuh—must give up; ye—those who; brhat-vratah—have taken the vow of celibacy.
Brahmacaris or grhasthas who have taken the vow of celibacy as described above should not indulge in the following: applying powder or ointment to the eyes, massaging the head with oil, massaging the body with the hands, seeing a woman or painting a woman’s picture, eating meat, drinking wine, decorating the body with flower garlands, smearing scented ointment on the body, or decorating the body with ornaments. These they should give up.

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