vrttih sankara-jatinam
tat-tat-kula-krta bhavet
acauranam apapanam
vrttihoccupational duty; sankara-jatinamof the mixed classes of men (those other than the four divisions); tat-tataccording to their respective; kula-krtafamily tradition; bhavetshould be; acauranamnot thieves by profession; apapanamnot sinful; antyajalower classes; antevasayinamknown as antevasayi or candala.
Among the mixed classes known as sankara, those who are not thieves are known as antevasayi or candalas [dog-eaters], and they also have their hereditary customs.
The four principal divisions of societybrahmana, ksatriya, vaisya and sudrahave been defined, and now there is a description of the antyaja, the mixed classes. Among the mixed classes, there are two divisionspratilomaja and anulomaja. If a woman of a high caste marries a man of a lower caste, their union is called pratilo. If a woman of a low caste, however, marries a man of a higher caste, their union is called anulo. The members of such dynasties have their traditional duties as barbers, washermen and so on. Among the antyajas, those who are still somewhat pure in that they do not steal and are not addicted to meat-eating, drinking, illicit sex and gambling are called antevasayi. Among people of the lower classes, intermarriage and the drinking of wine are allowed, for these people do not recognize such conduct as sinful among themselves.

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