enah purva-krtam yat tad
rajanah krsna-vairinah
jahus te nte tad-atmanah
kitah pesaskrto yatha
enahthis sinful activity (of blaspheming the Supreme Lord); purva-krtamexecuted in previous births; yatwhich; tatthat; rajanahkings; krsna-vairinahalways acting as enemies of Krsna; jahuhgave up; teall of them; anteat the time of death; tat-atmanahattaining the same spiritual body and form; kitaha worm; pesaskrtah(captured by) a black drone; yathajust like.
Not only Sisupala and Dantavakra but also many, many other kings who acted as enemies of Krsna attained salvation at the time of death. Because they thought of the Lord, they received spiritual bodies and forms the same as His, just as worms captured by a black drone obtain the same type of body as the drone.
The mystery of yogic meditation is explained here. Real yogis always meditate on the form of Visnu within their hearts. Consequently, at the time of death they give up their bodies while thinking of the form of Visnu and thus attain Visnuloka, Vaikunthaloka, where they receive bodily features the same as those of the Lord. From the Sixth Canto we have already learned that when the Visnudutas came from Vaikuntha to deliver Ajamila, they looked exactly like Visnu, with four hands and the same features as Visnu. Therefore, we may conclude that if one practices thinking of Visnu and is fully absorbed in thinking of Him at the time of death, one returns home, back to Godhead. Even enemies of Krsna who thought of Krsna in fear (bhaya), such as King Kamsa, received bodies in a spiritual identity similar to that of the Lord.

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