TEXTS 15–17
sri-prahrada uvaca
varam varaya etat te
varadesan mahesvara
yad anindat pita me
tvam avidvams teja aisvaram
viddhamarsasayah saksat
sarva-loka-gurum prabhum
bhratr-heti mrsa-drstis
tvad-bhakte mayi caghavan
tasmat pita me puyeta
durantad dustarad aghat
putas te ’panga-samdrstas
tada krpana-vatsala
sri-prahradah uvacaPrahlada Maharaja said; varam—benediction; varaye—I pray; etat—this; te—from You; varada-isat—the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who offers benedictions even to such exalted demigods as Brahma and Siva; maha-isvara—O my Supreme Lord; yat—that; anindat—vilified; pita—father; me—my; tvam—You; avidvan—without knowledge of; tejah—strength; aisvaram—supremacy; viddha—being polluted; amarsa—with anger; asayah—within the heart; saksat—directly; sarva-loka-gurum—unto the supreme spiritual master of all living beings; prabhum—unto the supreme master; bhratr-ha—the killer of his brother; iti—thus; mrsa-drstih—falsely envious because of a false conception; tvat-bhakte—unto Your devotee; mayi—unto me; ca—and; agha-van—who committed heavily sinful activities; tasmat—from that; pita—father; me—my; puyeta—may be purified; durantat—very great; dustarat—difficult to pass over; aghat—from all sinful activities; putah—(although he was) purified; te—of You; apanga—by the glance over him; samdrstah—being looked at; tada—at that time; krpana-vatsala—O You who are merciful to the materialistic.
Prahlada Maharaja said: O Supreme Lord, because You are so merciful to the fallen souls, I ask You for only one benediction. I know that my father, at the time of his death, had already been purified by Your glance upon him, but because of his ignorance of Your beautiful power and supremacy, he was unnecessarily angry at You, falsely thinking that You were the killer of his brother. Thus he directly blasphemed Your Lordship, the spiritual master of all living beings, and committed heavily sinful activities directed against me, Your devotee. I wish that he be excused for these sinful activities.
Although Hiranyakasipu was purified as soon as he came in contact with the Lord’s lap and the Lord saw him, Prahlada Maharaja still wanted to hear from the Lord’s own mouth that his father had been purified by the Lord’s causeless mercy. Prahlada Maharaja offered this prayer to the Lord for the sake of his father. As a Vaisnava son, despite all the inconveniences imposed upon him by his father, he could not forget his father’s affection.

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