himsa tad-abhimanena
danda-parusyayor yatha
vaisamyam iha bhutanam
mamaham iti parthiva
himsasuffering; tatof this; abhimanenaby the false conception; danda-parusyayohwhen there is punishment and chastisement; yathajust as; vaisamyammisconception; ihahere (in this body); bhutanamof the living entities; mama-ahammine and I; itithus; parthivaO lord of the earth.
My dear King, the conditioned soul, being in the bodily conception of life, considers his body to be his self and considers everything in relationship with the body to be his. Because he has this wrong conception of life, he is subjected to dualities like praise and chastisement.
Only when a conditioned soul accepts the body as himself does he feel the effects of chastisement or praise. Then he determines one person to be his enemy and another his friend and wants to chastise the enemy and welcome the friend. This creation of friends and enemies is a result of ones bodily conception of life.

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