atraivodahrtah purvam
itihasah surarsina
pritya maha-kratau rajan
prcchate ’jata-satrave
atra—in this connection; eva—certainly; udahrtah—was recited; purvam—previously; itihasah—an old story; sura-rsina—by the great sage Narada; pritya—with joy; maha-kratau—at the great Rajasuya sacrifice; rajan—O King; prcchate—to the inquiring; ajata-satraveMaharaja Yudhisthira, who had no enemy.
Formerly, O King, when Maharaja Yudhisthira was performing the Rajasuya sacrifice, the great sage Narada, responding to his inquiry, recited historical facts showing how the Supreme Personality of Godhead is always impartial, even when killing demons. In this regard he gave a vivid example.
This relates to how the Lord exhibited His impartiality even when killing Sisupala in the arena of the Rajasuya yajna performed by Maharaja Yudhisthira.

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