maghavan yata bhadram vo
dadhyancam rsi-sattamam
gatram yacata ma ciram
maghavanO Indra; yatago; bhadramgood fortune; vahto all of you; dadhyancamto Dadhyanca; rsi-sat-tamamthe most exalted saintly person; vidyaof education; vratavow; tapahand austerities; saramthe essence; gatramhis body; yacataask for; ma ciramwithout delay.
O Maghavan [Indra], all good fortune unto you. I advise you to approach the exalted saint Dadhyanca [Dadhici]. He has become very accomplished in knowledge, vows and austerities, and his body is very strong. Go ask him for his body without delay.
Everyone in this material world, from Lord Brahma down to the ant, is eager to keep his body comfortable. A pure devotee may also be comfortable, but he is not eager for such a benediction. Since Maghavan, the King of heaven, still aspired for a comfortable bodily situation, Lord Visnu advised him to ask Dadhyanca for his body, which was very strong due to his knowledge, vows and austerity.

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