sanat-kumaro ’vatu kamadevad
dhayasirsa mam pathi deva-helanat
devarsi-varyah purusarcanantarat
kurmo harir mam nirayad asesat
sanat-kumarah—the great brahmacari named Sanat-kumara; avatu—may he protect; kama-devat—from the hands of Cupid or lusty desire; haya-sirsa—Lord Hayagriva, the incarnation of the Lord whose head is like that of a horse; mam—me; pathi—on the path; deva-helanat—from neglecting to offer respectful obeisances to brahmanas, Vaisnavas and the Supreme Lord; devarsi-varyah—the best of the saintly sages, Narada; purusa-arcana-antarat—from the offenses in worshiping the Deity; kurmah—Lord Kurma, the tortoise; harih—the Supreme Personality of Godhead; mam—me; nirayat—from hell; asesat—unlimited.
May Sanat-kumara protect me from lusty desires. As I begin some auspicious activity, may Lord Hayagriva protect me from being an offender by neglecting to offer respectful obeisances to the Supreme Lord. May Devarsi Narada protect me from committing offenses in worshiping the Deity, and may Lord Kurma, the tortoise, protect me from falling to the unlimited hellish planets.
Lusty desires are very strong in everyone, and they are the greatest impediment to the discharge of devotional service. Therefore those who are very much influenced by lusty desires are advised to take shelter of Sanat-kumara, the great brahmacari devotee. Narada Muni, who is the guide for arcana, is the author of the Narada-pancaratra, which prescribes the regulative principles for worshiping the Deity. Everyone engaged in Deity worship, whether at home or in the temple, should always seek the mercy of Devarsi Narada in order to avoid the thirty-two offenses while worshiping the Deity. These offenses in Deity worship are mentioned in The Nectar of Devotion.

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