sri-badarayanir uvaca
tebhya evam pratisrutya
visvarupo maha-tapah
paurahityam vrtas cakre
paramena samadhina
sri-badarayanih uvacaSri Sukadeva Gosvami said; tebhyahunto them (the demigods); evamthus; pratisrutyapromising; visvarupahVisvarupa; maha-tapahthe most exalted personality; paurahityamthe priesthood; vrtahsurrounded by them; cakreexecuted; paramenasupreme; samadhinawith attention.
Sri Sukadeva Gosvami continued: O King, after making this promise to the demigods, the exalted Visvarupa, surrounded by the demigods, performed the necessary priestly activities with great enthusiasm and attention.
The word samadhina is very important. Samadhi means complete absorption with an undiverted mind. Visvarupa, who was a most learned brahmana, not only accepted the request of the demigods, but took their request seriously and performed the activities of priesthood with an undiverted mind. In other words, he accepted the priesthood not for material gain, but to profit the demigods. Such is the duty of a priest. The word purah means family, and hita means benefit. Thus the word purohita indicates that the priest is the well-wisher of the family. Another meaning of the word purah is first. A priests first duty is to see that his disciples benefit spiritually and materially by all means. Then he is satisfied. A priest should never be interested in performing Vedic rituals for his personal benefit.

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