sri-deva ucuh
vayam te ítithayah prapta
asramam bhadram astu te
kamah sampadyatam tata
pitrnam samayocitah
sri-devah ucuh—the demigods said; vayam—we; te—your; atithayah—guests; praptah—arrived at; asramam—your abode; bhadram—good fortune; astu—let there be; te—unto you; kamah—the desire; sampadyatam—let it be executed; tata—O darling; pitrnam—of us, who are just like your fathers; samayocitah—suitable to the present time.
The demigods said: Beloved Visvarupa, may there be all good fortune for you. We, the demigods, have come to your asrama as your guests. Please try to fulfill our desires according to the time, since we are on the level of your parents.

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