aho bata mayāsādhu
kṛtaṁ vai dabhra-buddhinā
yan mayaiśvarya-mattena
guruḥ sadasi kātkṛtaḥ
aho—alas; bata—indeed; mayā—by me; asādhu—disrespectful; kṛtam—the action done; vai—certainly; dabhra-buddhinā—being of less intelligence; yat—because; mayā—by me; aiśvarya-mattena—being very proud of material opulence; guruḥ—the spiritual master; sadasi—in this assembly; kāt-kṛtaḥ—mistreated.
Alas, what a regrettable deed I have committed because of my lack of intelligence and my pride in my material opulences. I failed to show respect to my spiritual master when he entered this assembly, and thus I have insulted him.

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