As described in this chapter, Prajapati Daksa begot sixty daughters in the womb of his wife Asikni. These daughters were given in charity to various persons to increase the population. Since these offspring of Daksa were women, Narada Muni did not try to lead them toward the renounced order of life. Thus the daughters were saved from Narada Muni. Ten of the daughters were given in marriage to Dharmaraja, thirteen to Kasyapa Muni, and twenty-seven to the moon-god, Candra. In this way fifty daughters were distributed, and of the other ten daughters, four were given to Kasyapa and two each to Bhuta, Angira and Krsasva. One should know that it is because of the union of these sixty daughters with various exalted personalities that the entire universe was filled with various kinds of living entities, such as human beings, demigods, demons, beasts, birds and serpents.

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