na drumebhyo maha-bhaga
dinebhyo drogdhum arhatha
vivardhayisavo yuyam
prajanam patayah smrtah
na—not; drumebhyah—the trees; maha-bhagah—O greatly fortunate ones; dinebhyah—who are very poor; drogdhum—to burn to ashes; arhatha—you deserve; vivardhayisavah—desiring to bring about an increase; yuyam—you; prajanam—of all living entities who have taken shelter of you; patayah—the masters or protectors; smrtah—known as.
O greatly fortunate ones, you should not kill these poor trees by burning them to ashes. Your duty is to wish the citizens [prajas] all prosperity and to act as their protectors.
It is indicated herein that the government or king has the duty of protecting not only the human beings, but all other living entities, including animals, trees and plants. No living entity should be killed unnecessarily.

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