tvatto ’dhastāt prajāḥ sarvā
mithunī-bhūya māyayā
madīyayā bhaviṣyanti
hariṣyanti ca me balim
tvattaḥ—you; adhastāt—after; prajāḥ—the living entities; sarvāḥ—all; mithunī-bhūya—having sex life; māyayā—because of the influence or facilities given by the illusory energy; madīyayā—My; bhaviṣyanti—they will become; hariṣyanti—they will offer; ca—also; me—unto Me; balim—presentations.
After you give birth to many hundreds and thousands of children, they will also be captivated by My illusory energy and will engage, like You, in sexual intercourse. But because of My mercy to you and them, they will also be able to give Me presentations in devotion.

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