anyatha mriyamanasya
nasucer vrsali-pateh
jihva vaktum iharhati
anyatha—otherwise; mriyamanasya—of a person who is just ready for death; na—not; asuceh—most unclean; vrsali-pateh—the keeper of a prostitute; vaikuntha—of the Lord of Vaikuntha; nama-grahanam—the chanting of the holy name; jihva—the tongue; vaktum—to speak; iha—in this situation; arhati—is able.
Were it not for my past devotional service, how could I, a most unclean keeper of a prostitute, have gotten an opportunity to chant the holy name of Vaikunthapati when I was just ready to die? Certainly it could not have been possible.
The name Vaikunthapati, which means “the master of the spiritual world,” is not different from the name Vaikuntha. Ajamila, who was now a realized soul, could understand that because of his past spiritual activities in devotional service, he had gotten this opportunity to chant the holy name of Vaikunthapati in his horrible condition at the time of death.

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