iti pratyuditā yāmyā
dūtā yātvā yamāntikam
yama-rājñe yathā sarvam
ācacakṣur arindama
iti—thus; pratyuditāḥ—having been replied to (by the order carriers of Viṣṇu); yāmyāḥ—the servants of Yamarāja; dūtāḥ—the messengers; yātvā—going; yama-antikam—to the abode of Lord Yamarāja; yama-rājñe—unto King Yamarāja; yathā—duly; sarvam—everything; ācacakṣuḥ—informed in full detail; arindama—O subduer of the enemies.
My dear Mahārāja Parīkṣit, O subduer of all enemies, after the servants of Yamarāja had been answered by the order carriers of Lord Viṣṇu, they went to Yamarāja and explained to him everything that had happened.
In this verse the word pratyuditāḥ is very significant. The servants of Yamarāja are so powerful that they can never be hindered anywhere, but this time they were baffled and disappointed in their attempt to take away a man they considered sinful. Therefore they immediately returned to Yamarāja and described to him everything that had happened.

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