sriyam visnum ca varadav
asisam prabhavav ubhau
bhaktya sampujayen nityam
yadicchet sarva-sampadah
sriyamthe goddess of fortune; visnumLord Visnu; caand; vara-dauthe bestowers of benedictions; asisamof blessings; prabhavauthe sources; ubhauboth; bhaktyawith devotion; sampujayetshould worship; nityamdaily; yadiif; icchetdesires; sarvaall; sampadahopulences.
If one desires all opulences, his duty is to daily worship Lord Visnu with His wife, Laksmi. With great devotion one should worship Him according to the above-mentioned process. Lord Visnu and the goddess of fortune are an immensely powerful combination. They are the bestowers of all benedictions and the sources of all good fortune. Therefore the duty of everyone is to worship Laksmi-Narayana.
Laksmi-NarayanaLord Visnu and mother Laksmiare always situated in everyones heart (isvarah sarva-bhutanam hrd-dese rjuna tisthati [Bg. 18.61]). However, because nondevotees do not realize that Lord Visnu stays with His eternal consort, Laksmi, within the hearts of all living entities, they are not endowed with the opulence of Lord Visnu. Unscrupulous men sometimes address a poor man as daridra-narayana, or poor Narayana. This is most unscientific. Lord Visnu and Laksmi are always situated in everyones heart, but this does not mean that everyone is Narayana, especially not those in poverty. This is a most abominable term to use in connection with Narayana. Narayana never becomes poor, and therefore He can never be called daridra-narayana. Narayana is certainly situated in everyones heart, but He is neither poor nor rich. Only unscrupulous persons who do not know the opulence of Narayana try to afflict Him with poverty.

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