acaryam agratah krtva
vag-yatah saha bandhubhih
dadyat patnyai caroh sesam
suprajastvam susaubhagam
acaryam—the acarya; agratah—first of all; krtva—receiving properly; vak-yatah—controlling speech; saha—with; bandhubhih—friends and relatives; dadyat—he should give; patnyai—to the wife; caroh—of the oblation of sweet rice; sesam—the remnant; su-prajastvam—which insures good progeny; su-saubhagam—which insures good fortune.
Before taking his meal, the husband must first seat the acarya comfortably, and, along with his relatives and friends, should control his speech and offer prasada to the guru. Then the wife should eat the remnants of the oblation of sweet rice cooked with ghee. Eating the remnants insures a learned, devoted son and all good fortune.

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