This chapter explains how Diti, Kasyapa Muniís wife, executed Kasyapa Muniís instructions on devotional service. During the first day of the bright fortnight of the moon in the month of Agrahayana (NovemberĖDecember), every woman, following in the footsteps of Diti and following the instructions of her own husband, should begin this pumsavana-vrata. In the morning, after washing her teeth, bathing and thus becoming purified, she should hear about the birth mystery of the Maruts. Then, covering her body with a white dress and being properly ornamented, before breakfast she should worship Lord Visnu and mother Laksmi, the goddess of fortune, Lord Visnuís wife, by glorifying Lord Visnu for His mercy, patience, prowess, ability, greatness and other glories and for how He can bestow all mystic benedictions. While offering the Lord all paraphernalia for worship, such as ornaments, a sacred thread, scents, nice flowers, incense and water for bathing and washing His feet, hands and mouth, one should invite the Lord with this mantra: om namo bhagavate maha-purusaya mahanubhavaya mahavibhutipataye saha maha-vibhutibhir balim upaharami. Then one should offer twelve oblations in the fire while chanting this mantra: om namo bhagavate maha-purusaya mahavibhuti-pataye svaha. One should offer obeisances while chanting this mantra ten times. Then one should chant the Laksmi-Narayana mantra.
If either a pregnant woman or her husband regularly discharges this devotional service, both of them will receive the result. After continuing this process for one full year, the chaste wife should fast on the purnima, the full-moon day, of Karttika. On the following day, the husband should worship the Lord as before and then observe a festival by cooking nice food and distributing prasada to the brahmanas. Then, with the permission of the brahmanas, the husband and wife should take prasada. This chapter ends by glorifying the results of the pumsavana function.

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