nādhyagacchad vrata-cchidraṁ
tat-paro ’tha mahī-pate
cintāṁ tīvrāṁ gataḥ śakraḥ
kena me syāc chivaṁ tv iha
na—not; adhyagacchat—could find; vrata-chidram—a fault in the execution of the vow; tat-paraḥ—intent upon that; atha—thereupon; mahī-pate—O master of the world; cintām—anxiety; tīvrām—intense; gataḥ—obtained; śakraḥIndra; kena—how; me—my; syāt—can there be; śivam—well-being; tu—then; iha—here.
O master of the entire world, when Indra could find no faults, he thought, “How will there be good fortune for me?” Thus he was full of deep anxiety.

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