yasyeśābhihitasya ca
bhūta-dhruk tat-kṛte svārthaṁ
kiṁ veda nirayo yataḥ
kṛmi—worms; viṭ—stool; bhasma—ashes; saṁjñā—name; āsīt—becomes; yasya—of which (body); īśa-abhihitasya—although designated as king; ca—also; bhūta-dhruk—he who harms others; tat-kṛte—for the sake of that; sva-artham—his self-interest; kim veda—does he know; nirayaḥ—punishment in hell; yataḥ—from which.
When dead, the bodies of all the rulers known as kings and great leaders will be transformed into worms, stool or ashes. If one enviously kills others for the protection of such a body, does he actually know the true interest of life? Certainly he does not, for if one is envious of other entities, he surely goes to hell.
The material body, even if possessed by a great king, is ultimately transformed into stool, worms or ashes. When one is too attached to the bodily conception of life, he is certainly not very intelligent.

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