etat te sarvam akhyatam
yan mam tvam pariprcchasi
vrtrasyasura-jates ca
karanam bhagavan-mateh
etat—this; te—unto you; sarvam—all; akhyatam—explained; yat—which; mam—me; tvam—you; pariprcchasi—asked; vrtrasya—of Vrtrasura; asura-jateh—whose birth was in a species of asuras; ca—and; karanam—the cause; bhagavat-mateh—of exalted intelligence in Krsna consciousness.
My dear King Pariksit, you inquired from me how Vrtrasura, a great devotee, took birth in a demoniac family. Thus I have tried to explain to you everything about this.

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