na hy asyasti priyah kascin
napriyah svah paro ípi va
atmatvat sarva-bhutanam
sarva-bhuta-priyo harih
na—not; hi—indeed; asya—of the Lord; asti—there is; priyah—very dear; kascit—anyone; na—nor; apriyah—not dear; svah—own; parah—other; api—even; va—or; atmatvat—due to being the soul of the soul; sarva-bhutanam—of all living entities; sarva-bhuta—to all living entities; priyah—very, very dear; harih—Lord Hari.
He holds no one as very dear and no one as inimical. He has no one for His own relative, and no one is alien to Him. He is actually the soul of the soul of all living entities. Thus He is the auspicious friend of all living beings and is very near and dear to all of them.
The Supreme Personality of Godhead, in His second feature, is the Supersoul of all living entities. As oneís self is extremely dear, the Superself of the self is still more dear. No one can be the enemy of the friendly Superself, who is equal to everyone. Relationships of dearness or enmity between the Supreme Lord and the living beings are due to the intervention of the illusory energy. Because the three modes of material nature intervene between the Lord and the living beings, these different relationships appear. Actually, the living entity in his pure condition is always very near and dear to the Lord, and the Lord is dear to him. There is no question of partiality or enmity.

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